Shortcut to Sobriety

Excessive use of alcohol can have tragic consequences.  Careers, families and health are too often needlessly destroyed.  Craving and denial can be so powerful that alcoholism’s victims become locked in its embrace with little hope for escape unless they find help. It’s easy to be fooled by alcoholism.  This great imposter can mimic mild to severe states of anxiety and [...]

Your Stress Threshold

You can only take so much. Too much stress will surpass your capacity to manage it. When you are “over the top” you have exceeded your stress threshold. It’s important to know where it is so you can avoid it or know what to do about it. If you spend too much time above your stress threshold you are likely [...]

When Might Taking Medication Make Sense?

Here are some questions you can ask yourself and you can ask those you see for help.  These questions are designed to increase caution, awareness and mindfulness.  They may help you to decide whether medication should or should not play a role in your healing plan. Would a medication help me heal or would it interfere with my healing process? Are [...]

My Healing Rebellion

A Little Bit About Me I have been on something of a “healing rebellion” for many years now.  When I first started medical school, I thought I would learn how to help people heal.  Instead, I was taught how to treat illness.  Although treating illness is a necessary part of helping people to heal, I felt like focusing only on [...]

Your Healing Plan

Listening carefully to how your mind heals itself, helping it to find its own way, requires attention, humility and flexibility. Sometimes the best way to help natural healing is by getting out of its way, witnessing its course of action. Though healing often needs help, it’s not always clear exactly what that help needs to be. As healing unfolds and [...]

Three Layers of Healing For Your Mind

All efforts to reduce your distress should be in the service of the powerful healing process that dwells within you.  Whatever means you choose to ease your mind should be directed toward helping it heal. Your natural healing process can be empowered by one or more of these layers of assistance: Enhancement Guidance Restoration These three layers can be sequentially [...]

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