A one hour show with Alan Chartock on FM 90.0 WAMC Northeast Public Radio will be aired April 25 at 1 P.M. and it is available online at wamc.org.  The title is "In Conversation with Bick Wanck MD" The show will provide listeners with information about Mind Easing with an emphasis on exercise and spirituality.  Listen as Bick dodges emotionally [...]

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WKTQ Radio Interview, Plentywood Montana

Bonnie Simon, General Manager of WKTQ, Plentywood, Montana recently interviewed Dr. Wanck for a 10-minute spot about his latest book, "Mind Easing: The 3-Layered Healing Plan for Anxiety and Depression." Have a listen: 

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Northshire Book Signing Standing Room Only

The event at Northshire was a big hit! All the chairs were filled and the space was overflowing with standing room only for a very attentive and wonderfully curious audience. Thank you to all who came for helping make it such a success! I just finished taping a radio show in Montana and next Monday I’ll be taping an hour-long [...]

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Saratoga Today Reminds Readers to See Bick at Northshire Bookstore Today at 7PM

This week’s Saratoga Today gave Dr. Wanck a full page in the entertainment section for his book event at Northshire Bookstore today, April 6, at 7 pm. Here's a brief excerpt of the article: SARATOGA SPRINGS- The statistics: one in six American adults take at least one psychiatric drug over the course of a year. Hundreds of millions of prescriptions [...]

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3 Questions For Bick Wanck, MD

3 Questions for Bick Wanck, MD 1. Please briefly outline your education and career…schools; name of practice, etc. I grew up along a rough rural stretch of the Mason-Dixon Line. After graduation from my hometown’s school of hard knocks, I attended Penn State where I competed on its Division 1 swim team. From there I attended Temple Medical School in [...]

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