Here are some questions you can ask yourself and you can ask those you see for help.  These questions are designed to increase caution, awareness and mindfulness.  They may help you to decide whether medication should or should not play a role in your healing plan.

  1. Would a medication help me heal or would it interfere with my healing process?
  1. Are my symptoms so severe that they block my capacity to make good use of psychotherapy or other forms of healing guidance?
  1. Might I have a hard-wired condition for which medication may be needed?
  1. Is there a safe way to monitor my progress if I don’t take medication?
  1. Would side effects and brain blunting caused by medication, outweigh its benefits?

These questions may not have easy answers but they are important to consider.  If medication is likely to help you heal, then it may make good sense to use it.  If it’s likely to interfere with your healing or cause dangerous side effects, then you may be better off without it.

Using these questions may help you and your healing team to decide whether your flow of healing needs to be restored with medication or whether it needs a boost with additional guidance or enhancements.  Questions such as these should be revisited anytime your healing flow seems stalled or blocked.  If you are not finding new awarenesses or some degree of relief, it could be that your healing is stalled.  Your healing may be blocked because your symptoms are too severe or it may be blocked because side effects of a medication are getting in your way.