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Mind Easing: The 3-Layered Healing Plan for Anxiety and Depression is a self-help book for general readers and professionals. It shows how to assist the mind’s natural capacity to heal by harmonizing wellness approaches, various types of therapy, and – if needed- medicine into a plan tailored to the wishes and needs of the individual.

Mind Easing’s healing plan is safe and effective because it addresses the three essential causes of anxiety and depression rather than simply their symptoms and because Mind Easing explains how and when medicine can block or impede the flow of healing as well as when it may help restore the flow of healing.

Mind Easing introduces the concepts of soft and hard anxiety and depression, how to tell the difference between them, and how to heal from both.

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This is just what the doctor ordered: a ground-breaking, eye-opening, mind-opening book that provides a pioneering, perceptive, provocative, practical, positive, powerful plan for healing. It is filled with impactful, innovative, intriguing ideas, insights, and inspiration that will engage and enrich the lives of people facing anxiety and depression as well as their health care practitioners, helping professionals, and caregivers.
—Dr. Joel Goodman , Founder of the HUMOR Project, Inc. in Saratoga Springs, NY, author of Laffirmations: 1,001 Ways to Add Humor to Your Life and Work

Dr. Bick Wanck unveils a remarkably safe and effective approach to the relief of both “soft” and “hard” versions of anxiety and depression that empowers the natural flow of healing. Mind Easing offers a simple, powerful, and actionable healing plan that will help millions on their road to mental health wellness.

—Mark Hyman, MD , Director, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. #1 New York Times bestselling author of Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?”

Each layer of Mind Easing’s personal healing plan incorporates simple, effective, and doable approaches that will motivate and empower readers to play an active role in their healing. Dr. Bick Wanck provides a much-needed guide to relieving anxiety and depression that will help readers discover how resilient they truly are.

—Patricia A O’Gorman, Ph.D. , Consulting psychologist, and speaker, author of The Resilient Woman

Diverse lifestyle and therapeutic modalities, so often presented as mutually exclusive, are incorporated in Mind Easing into an approach aimed at not just temporary treatment but long-term healing. Author Bick Wanck, MD, encourages sufferers to create a fluid healing plan that adjusts to changing conditions in their lives to maximize healing and safety, not just relieve symptoms. This is a very helpful addition to the literature for those with depression or anxiety and likely for their caregivers as well.

—COL (ret) Arthur Brown, MD, Former science director, Armed Forces Research Institute of Medical Sciences, Bangkok, Thailand, contributor to The Oxford Textbook of Medicine
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Excerpt: Chapter 1

What’s Your Healing Plan?

‘Are you going to treat me, or are you going to help me to heal?’

‘Are you going to do what’s ‘medically necessary’ to justify your insurance claims, or are you going to do what’s in the best interest of my wellness?’

‘Will you help me find whatever approach is best suited for me, even if it does not include your services?’

Lisa was interviewing me. She was trying to decide if she wanted to see me for help with her sadness and fears. And though she apologized for her bluntness, I applauded her courage and told her I shared some of her frustrations.

Many in the mental health treatment system have lost their way. They’ve lost sight of their purpose: to assist healing. I understand why. In the mad dash to find and provide relief, it’s easy to disregard the concept of healing. Medicine is overprescribed because it works fast and saves health insurance dollars. Never mind that it can blunt your feelings and slow your thoughts. Never mind that it can result in serious side effects and derail healing. As long as enough of the people who take it can go to work and seem to function in their stressful lives, medicine will remain the popular solution.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m in favor of using medicine when it’s needed. I think it’s foolish to ignore powerful medications that can save lives and restore healing. I also think it’s foolish to overuse them and to use them in place of wellness promotion, psychotherapy, and other healing arts.

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About the Author

Bick Wanck, MD

Bick Wanck MD is a board-certified psychiatrist, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Albany Medical College, and the creator of Bick Wanck MD & Associates, a highly regarded independent group of clinicians who provide mental health, addiction, and personal growth services in Upstate New York.

As a founding member of the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, Dr. Wanck helped develop the nationally certified subspecialty of Addiction Psychiatry.

His successful therapy treatment program is based on the philosophy that people have inherent self-healing and growth processes, and that they can change negative, distorted perceptions with ones that are positive and healthy.

Dr. Wanck has authored numerous academic and popular articles and is the author of Mind Easing: The 3-Layered Healing Plan for Anxiety and Depression.

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