Will Soon Arrive!


After five and one half years of writing, MIND EASING: The Three-Layered Healing Plan for Anxiety and Depression will be published by Health Communications, Incorporated on March 5, 2019. Mind Easing is available at Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble at pre-publication discounts and it will soon be available as an audiobook at audible.com. 

            Health Communications Incorporated (HCI) is best known for having published the original Chicken Soup for the Soul series, a wildly popular series that has been enjoyed by millions and for Bick’s dearly departed friend and colleague Janet Woititz’s book Adult Children of Alcoholics, a book that began a movement and has helped millions.  Because HCI has been successful in bringing self-help books to the general as well as professional readership markets, Bick was especially pleased to hear that the editorial board of HCI was “very excited” about MIND EASING.

Mind Easing introduces the three-layered healing plan for anxiety and depression and Mind Easing shows readers how to construct a three layered healing plan by first describing the eight ways the mind naturally heals itself followed by the three essential causes of anxiety and depression.

Everyone – worried, sad, or content – will benefit from MIND EASING’s Layer One:  Enhancement of Healing.  By making easy attitude adjustments and behavioral changes, and by developing sources of compassionate love, worry and sadness can be reduced and contentment and good health can be maintained.  Behavior change is made easy with the MED’s approach:  Mindfulness, Exercise, Diet and Stress Management.  By devoting a little attention to each behavior and by practicing a few minutes of moderate exercise daily, substantial gains can be made toward feeling better.

When Layer One is not enough to reduce distress, Layer Two:  Guidance of Healing may help.  Guidance of Healing involves engaging the services of professionals trained to help with modalities that include counseling, body and energy work, and spiritual guidance.  Only those therapeutic approaches scientifically shown to be helpful merit inclusion in MIND EASING’s suggestions.

If enhancing and guiding healing of anxiety and depression do not help, the symptoms of anxiety or depression may be so severe they block the mind’s natural capacity to heal.  That’s when Layer Three:  Restoration of Healing with medicine may be helpful.  Unfortunately, too many people quickly rush to use medicine when layers One plus Two may have worked.  They run the risk of blunting their emotions and dulling their thinking, which can impede the benefits of enhancement and guidance of healing. MIND EASING provides guidance about when medicine is likely to help healing and when it is likely to slow or even block natural healing.

In Layer Three:  Restoration of Healing, the novel concepts of “soft” versus “hard” anxiety and depression are introduced.  Soft anxiety and depression are caused by stressful life circumstances and childhood or adulthood adversity and trauma.  For soft anxiety and depression, medicine is usually a temporary solution to reduce symptoms enough for therapeutic guidance and healing enhancing attitudes, behaviors, and love to result in long term resolution of anxiety and depression no longer needing medicine.

“Hard” anxiety and depression result from genetics or from extreme or persistent trauma and adversity that can cause physiologic “hardening” of anxiety or depression.  In some cases, medicine can reduce symptoms enough for therapeutic guidance to exert a helpful and long term effect, sometimes resulting in less need for medicine.  In other cases, medicine may be needed long term due to the hardening of symptoms caused by genetics or by severe or persistent adversity.

Reading MIND EASING is fun because it includes the story of Lisa and her friends, Jake, Rachael, and Ray, fictional characters, who entertain readers with their misadventures and encourage readers with their successes.  They show how easy it is to construct a Three-Layered Healing Plan.  Fictionalized characters rather than anecdotes were chosen to illustrate the construction of a healing plan in order to protect the anonymity of real people and to give readers a personalized story of success that’s engaging and enjoyable.

Reading MIND EASING is easy because its chapters are organized into sections and key points are summarized in tables at the ends of most chapters.

Reading MIND EASING will help readers find greater contentment and happiness by equipping them with a safe and effective healing plan tailored to their needs and designed to help them naturally heal.