Are You Still Immortal?

ARE YOU STILL IMMORTAL? My psychiatry professor asked our Death and Dying class “at what age do you expect to die?” This question was met with a variety of responses:  Furtive glances at others, hyperventilation, sweating, a quick search for the exit door, anger and disbelief.  We thought he was kidding. “No, really”, he said, “I think I’ll die in [...]

How to Change Your Genes

How to Change Your Genes   The gene pool has a lifeguard called epigenetics. Using healing enhancers will help it come to your rescue.   You can influence which of your genes are switched on and which are switched off with what you eat, how much you exercise, and how much stress you allow in your life. The science of [...]

The Best M.E.D.S. for Stress Management

The Best M.E.D.S. for Stress Management   Are you looking for quick and easy ways to manage your daily stress?  For daily stress relief, take these daily M.E.D.S.:  Mindfulness, Exercise, Diet, and Stress Management.   Mindfulness I recommend a daily three-minute gratitude ritual.  This starts with quieting your mind by paying attention to your breathing to help you become aware [...]

How to Help Others Without Depleting Yourself

  3 Easy Ways to Help Others Without Depleting Yourself   One of the most meaningful aspects of your life may be providing service to others. This could involve raising a child, caring for a parent or a pet, helping a friend or sibling, or performing service for your community or for an organization. Helping others may be a calling [...]

The 3 A’s of Successful Coping

When your life changes in a way you didn’t expect, it can throw you for a loop.  Sudden change, be it success or tragedy, can turn your life upside down and your heart inside out.  Having a successful coping strategy will give you greater resilience for life’s unexpected challenges. The 3 A’s of successful coping are: Accept Act Adapt Anything [...]

Have you scheduled a P.I.S.S-off Day?

3 Ways a P.I.S.S.-off Day Relieves Stress and Why You Should Take One Soon Bick Wanck MD   The right amount of stress is a moving target between emptiness and overwhelm. Too much stress can cause you to exceed your stress threshold—the point at which stress causes your Achilles heel (your point of vulnerability) to flare up, and this can [...]

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